European Hill Climb Championship

The European competition in the mountain races held last weekend in Załużu attracted thousands of fans to this small town near Sanok. The list of entries included 111 names of the competitors taking part in the FIA IHCC (FIA International Hill Climb Cup), FIA CEZ (FIA Central European Zone), GSMP (Polish Mountain Championship), Slovak Hill Climb Championship, FIA HHCC (FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship), FIA CEZ Historic, Historic Slovak Hill Climb Championship. The competitor representing Automobilklub Rzeszowski and L Racing – Roman Baran racing team can be considered as successful, but it was not without small failures.

Roman Baran said: “The long-awaited start of the season, the hours spent at my Lancer, but not everything is predictable. Saturday’s first racing drive ended for me earlier, due to the failure of fuel pumps during the first drive. The times achieved in the following rounds are satisfactory, but they could always have been better.

All the time we get to know the car and we try to choose the right settings. That’s why we didn’t even unpack the equipment when we came home and went for the race right away – which most fans know well from the GSMP rounds – Jahodna, Slovakia. Of course, consistently representing the colors of L Racing – here I would like to thank Janko Liptak for his invitation.”