Mazda MPS – Xtreme Clutch Upgrades

Xtreme Clutch Releases Upgrades to suit Mazda MPS Models

Xtreme Clutch, the performance and racing division of Australian Clutch Services, has recently released a new range of performance upgrades to suit the Mazda 3 MPS and Mazda 6 MPS. The new kits are specifically designed for modified versions of the vehicles and offer a lightweight alternative with significantly higher clamping force.

Designed to cover all different performance levels and applications, the performance range includes 12 options with different friction discs, plate configurations and pressure plate styles available. Included in the range is a variety of heavy duty factory upgrades that still retain the self-adjusting style pressure plate whilst increasing clamping force. These kits are available in both organic and ceramic friction materials and can be optioned to include an even lighter version of the chromoly flywheel.

“Our range of performance clutch upgrades for the Mazda 3 and 6 MPS offers a vast array of different configurations and options to ensure that there is a kit to suit a variety of different vehicle uses.” Says Xtreme Clutch Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, “These vehicles are regularly being modified with turbo upgrades and ECU remaps, meaning they are often pushed to the limit of the factory clutch. These kits offer a quality solution for Mazda 3 and 6 MPS owners who are looking at upgrading their vehicle with a street or a track suitable clutch.”

Also included in the range is a 240mm alloy cover style performance upgrade in a single plate configuration. With organic, ceramic and carbon friction materials available, these kits are ideal for moderately modified vehicles being used on the street or track and they offer a considerable weight saving to help improve throttle response.

For extremely high powered street or track vehicles, Xtreme Clutch has also developed a range of 230mm twin plate upgrades in organic, ceramic and carbon. These kits are designed to handle up to 1830 Nm of torque whilst utilising an alloy style cover and chromoly flywheel.

“At Xtreme Clutch, we know that each vehicle owner has unique needs and each vehicle has unique characteristics depending on its usage. That’s particularly the case for modified vehicles,” explains Stewart Furze “Having multiple options for our performance kits not only allows vehicles owners to find their perfect match, it also allows our distributors to offer a tailor-fitted clutch solution to their customers.”

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